Thank goodness for the rejuvenation I had over the weekend! Little did I know then that it would be just what I needed in order to help me manage today; one that has had its challenges. My lungs have been well exercised over the last several hours to say the least! Breathe, deep breaths, one step at a time has been my mantra.

During this, I recalled the words a lovely mentor had imparted upon me about acknowledging that the task at hand may very well indeed be uncomfortable and ask myself if it is important and requires attention. Accepting that something is very necessary to do despite it being uncomfortable to do so is a step forward and also closer to having it completed.

Challenges certainly test our resilience and stamina. We find strength we didn’t know we had. We may falter slightly then forge on with gusto. There’s nothing like a shake up with a challenge or three happening around the same time. Might as well get it all over and done with in a bulk lot I say. Well, I can now say that however I can’t say I was thinking or feeling that way in the midst of it all; I was merely trying to survive the next few minutes.

Some folks enjoy challenges or so they say. For others, it is rather an unpleasant venture we are thrust into. I am a bit of both – I can relish in challenges of my own choosing and loathe ones cast into my path. The ones of choice are so much more bearable as you strive to overcome hurdles and reach a goal. Ones put upon us are also bearable, eventually. As you wade through to the mid-point, you gain some momentum and with the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel you hang on and pace onwards.

The post challenge lethargy needs to be recognised so as to nurture yourself to your optimal best again through self-care. Assess any level of depletion and plan your self-care strategy. Then ensure you enact it fully. For rest assured, there will be more challenges coming your way; some mild and some significant. Remember that these times are ones of growth and learning so as we don’t stagnate. Deep breathing and self-care will help you through.

So I wish you lots of energy and rest to ready yourself for the trials and tests you face in your days; may they be small and few in number. Take care one and all x

Photo credit: ChadoNihi

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