What a difference a day makes

When we are swept all up in an energy zapping situation we are often so swamped by the elements of it that it is difficult to see the horizon beyond. The circumstances consume our fuel reserves to within almost an oily rags whiff of empty sometimes.

Parts of our systems slowly close down. Our cognition centre falters. Our bodies immobilize. It is hard to get our engine to crank over as our motivation goes beyond taking a back seat; it parks itself in the boot! Why is this happening though? Haven’t we been maintaining our vehicle to keep it in optimal working order? The answer is one simple word; change.

It was change that launched us into the full force of elements that had us in turmoil. Something happened that found us not being able to manage this particular situation like we have managed so many others. It may very well have been a more challenging event than we are more accustomed to or it could even have been that we hadn’t used our managing skills for a period and they were rusty.

If there is any single thing in this world that is constant, it is change. There was change yesterday. Change is happening today and there will be change again tomorrow. Nothing ever stays as it is in this very moment. Everything is temporary.

That is very useful to remember when you are in the midst of a most uncomfortable state. It is temporary. It is how it is now however, in an hour, a few hours or a day or two, it will be different. The state you are experiencing will be a past memory. Its affects may still be felt however the situation has passed.

After remembering to breathe, then remembering that this is temporary, if you can, try to imagine what tomorrow may look like. Do you think it will resemble this moment as it is right now? Will the skies clear and the sun shine again?  What important tasks do you have on your agenda for tomorrow? Is there room for this situation to march right along with you into tomorrow as you go about what is important to you?

A day really does make a difference. Any given hour within any given day will be different to what you are tackling right now. The challenges may be tiring or overwhelming or hurtful or heartbreaking. It may be difficult to try and see past this state but something else will happen that helps you shift gears and move forward from this space. A kind word, a generous act, a helpful thought will all help get your motor running. If you don’t have anyone immediately around you to offer this, offer it to yourself.

One person can change your life in so many ways. It can be for the worst if you allow it or it can be for the better if you remind yourself that a day can make a whole world of difference. One person may give you a smile. One person may contact you to say hello. One person may thank you for being a part of their world. One person may call in to see how you are doing. One person might share something with you. All this happens each and every day. All these one person moments are occurring all the time and they bring with them change; a change to your day through enlightenment, brightening and warmth. Before too long, you realise that a difference has been made.

Mother Nature offers us so many examples of constant change. A storm rolls in where it is dark skies with looming clouds, lightning bolts explode, thunder cracks and rain pours down. Is this going to be the state of the weather in a few hours or even a day? Not likely. The clouds will clear to show blue sky and billowing sunshine once again. The deciduous tree standing naked and dormant during the colder months won’t stay this way forever either. The spring will come and the tree will soon be adorned with copious leaves offering glorious colours and shade to boot.

What a difference a day makes. The darkness gives way for the light. The cool gives way for the warm. The uncomfortable gives way for the joy, excitement and peace within once more.

Take care and remember, it is temporary, change will occur and this too shall pass x

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