Intrigue… my own back yard

I have lived in my current home for five years now and have a very good sized spacious back yard. Whenever I have done any work preparing for garden beds or sometimes even just walking around, the ground always gives up something to me on an almost weekly basis.

What on earth am I talking about – it gives up something to me? Well, I started to see little pieces of broken glass and then some small broken pieces of fine china and pottery on the top of the soil. As time has gone on there has been bottle tops, coins, fragments of toys, metal fasteners, buttons and the best find was a ring that surfaced after some particularly heavy rain.

Initially I was discarding some of the pieces then decided to keep them all. I have a couple of favourites including a piece of purple coloured ornate glass and a small piece of white china with a blue pattern.

I have been curious as to their story and would love it if the pieces could only speak. When were they used? What were they originally a part of? Who was their owner? I also am curious as to who has occupied this parcel of land before me and before them and even before them and so on. What was each occupant’s story and how did the little pieces end up buried in the earth here – all curiosities I have.

I remember once telling a friend this and she suggested I make up my own story about them. Perhaps one day I might end up just doing that. For the time being, the intrigue continues, especially with today’s latest find.

Do we tell enough of our story so there is opportunity for it to be carried on throughout the generations? How can we preserve the stories around our lives and the things in it that we were gifted and use during our journey?

I wonder what other little finds will emerge over time. I look forward to more discoveries and shall enjoy the little offerings the earth gives up to me.

Enjoy any little finds that come your way, be it in your own yard or as you traverse this glorious earth x

Image: My own


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