Two Way Street

Much as the case when driving around our streets, it is our actions and that of another driver that keeps the traffic flowing with somewhat of a consistency and fluency. If you or another driver isn’t paying attention, things can easily go awry. Not dissimilar to relationships of all types with both participants navigating a two way street where it is imperative that each are mindful of their actions and pay attention to what is happening.

Traversing this relationship terrain requires consistency of action, attention, engagement, participation and involvement. There needs to be the coming and going on the two way street by way of giving and taking. Compromise is a must.

When there isn’t, there is one-way traffic and that becomes mundane. There are only so many times one wishes to keep going down the same route and not pass another and see the same scenery over and over. Sooner or later a new direction will be sought out which offers a different view and a sense of integration in the world.

There are so many places to explore and things to see that invigorate the soul and encourages discovery of more courses to take that the one-way street offers little appeal any more. You soon come to realise how much congestion was on that street that you hadn’t seen before. Your perspective is broadened.

The vastness of our spaces provides for a lifetime of exploration, enjoyment and interaction. Why would somebody choose that one-way street? Seek out your own route that is your highway of happiness in your life journey.

Happy travels one and all x

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