I Appreciate

I appreciate that I am alive today

I appreciate that I have the comforts of a home, food, electricity, transport and technology

I appreciate that I can merely turn a tap on for water and not have to walk miles to fetch it from a well

I appreciate that I am able to live in a place where I have a big yard and a garden

I appreciate the birds that come into my garden

I appreciate the unconditional love my dog Bella greets me with all day

I appreciate that I live in a country without wars and conflict

I appreciate the musicians and artists that give us songs to nourish our spirit

I appreciate that I have good health, even when it is not at its optimum

I appreciate the gorgeous souls I am close with who listen to understand me

I appreciate my loved ones who have my back, always

I appreciate the special people in my life that I know I can phone at any hour if I need to

I appreciate I have the ability to read and write

I appreciate that I have my hearing and sight

I appreciate that I have never had to experience fire or flood in my home

I appreciate the seasons changing

I appreciate nature and all its wonders

I appreciate the writers and philosophers

I appreciate the campaigners for better wellness care

I appreciate the people who give strategies and tools to manage our challenging lives

I appreciate being able to do my blog, Facebook page and Positive Wellbeing Friends Group

I appreciate the turmoil and tragedies I have experienced in life for they have shown me what I am capable of enduring

I appreciate the people who came into my life for a reason, a season and the life-timers

I appreciate being able to leave my home without fear of attacks and airstrikes

I appreciate that I have never had to go hungry

I appreciate the beautiful items passed down to me that were my ancestors

I appreciate a smile or a friendly wave from a stranger

I appreciate being able to make choices and decisions for myself

I appreciate the knowledge I have gained and the hunger I have to learn all I possibly can

I appreciate the sunrises and sunsets

I appreciate a gentle breeze floating across my skin

I appreciate the moonlight nights

I appreciate the people who give so much to help others

I appreciate the kindness of folks

I appreciate the hardship emergency service personnel and volunteers face, yet do it anyway to help their communities

I appreciate the smell of the ocean or eucalyptus leaves or freshly mowed grass

I appreciate being able to stay in contact with those living afar

I appreciate people’s caring and generosity

I appreciate that life goes way too fast

I appreciate the teachers I had in my school years who gifted me with a love of learning

I appreciate the friends and acquaintances I had during my school years who are still in my world

I appreciate the friends I have made over the years

I appreciate my cousins that stay in touch with me and those I had time with during my life

I appreciate my aunts and uncles who have given me love and memories to hold on to

I appreciate my daughters, sons, their husbands and wives and my grandchildren

I appreciate all that I have in my world


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