Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? Each day seems to be passing by so very fast and before you know it, another week is almost done. Into the third calendar month of the year already – can you believe it? My days are less busy in some aspects than they have been over the years yet fuller in other ways.

I have such a flexible schedule these days; this is how I manage life and more importantly my well-being. I have a yearning to do so many things and at present, some days I can get through a whole bunch of them and others, if I achieve to accomplish two tasks to completion, I am cheering. It all depends upon my ‘energy envelope’ and working within those supplies.

So, this means I am not over-extending myself and helping out my family and loved ones as much as I have done in previous years. This does not mean I do not wish to; it means that I am looking after my wellness as first priority.

My days are filled with doing my daily chores at home, priority tasks, errands when needed, reading, researching and learning, taking rest times, keeping in contact with those nearest and dearest and sometimes even with those I am newly acquainted with and what I can for my blog, Facebook Page and two Facebook Groups I am admin of. I like it when I get time to do some family tree research and touch base with old friends. Before I know it, my days are over and I still have many ideas, thoughts and things I wish to learn about as I prepare for sleep to rejuvenate in readiness for the next day.

I am sure I will not ever reach a point where I feel I have learned all that I wish to and know all that I longed to discover. This is one of the best aspects of life – there is always more to notice and explore of the world we live in, our minds, philosophies and so on.

When giving thought to the question as to where does time go, when I reflect on events of the past and work out how many years ago that took place, it is astonishing just how long ago it happened. Many of these immediate recollections are of pivotal moments in my life; moving house/city, milestones for my sons and daughters, relationships beginning or ending, reunions, death of loved ones, job changes and realizations. What seemed to have occurred only a couple of years back actually happened four or five years ago.

Each day, each week and each month I strive to not only achieve my plans and goals but soak up as much as I possibly can of this life experience. I want a full cup, not one I look back on and think, why didn’t I top my cup up more often?

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