Owning It

There have been many times over the years where I have seen folks make decisions and then the outcome is not what they expected. They go on an internal rampage finding all the reasons that it should have turned out the way they wanted. This then transforms into a verbal tirade of blame on others.

They lack the insight and resilience to look inward and examine their part in the process. They considered the possibilities then made the decision. They miss the mark on seeing that it was their very own choices that led them to the outcome they achieved.

It is easier to cast the denunciation on others. It takes a lot more gusto and grit to seek out the responsibility oneself held in the course of circumstances. It is so empowering when one can obtain the strength to ‘own it’ which in turns brings about further personal growth.

Great character is built by accepting accountability for one’s own actions. Development of your sense of self occurs and people are attracted towards folks who can voice the fact that they tried something a certain way or made a decision that culminated with a different end result than projected, yet own it and let it be part of the learning process of life.

It is a great quality to possess and refine. Nurture this strength within and it will hold you in good stead throughout your life journey. Stand up and be proud that you had a go and you take responsibility for your choices and decisions. It is truly a way of earning trust and respect. Be you, be hold and be accountable.

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