Sharing is ……….. important

The old cliché about ‘sharing is caring’ is true yet there is more to it than that. It is also important for our well-being. We need to share in order to care for ourselves as well as sharing for the purpose of kindness and generosity towards others.

We find it essential to share our stories, thoughts and ideas with those that will listen. We realise there is value in interacting with individuals who wholeheartedly hear what we are saying and engage in a conversation with us. It can be inspiring, uplifting, provide revelations and bolster our self-esteem.

The art of communication develops the more verbal we become, especially if we ensure we practice the skill of truly listening to hear, rather than listening merely to sprout back an immediate barrage of words. Interjection left only for absolutely necessary moment’s permits a flow of meaningful engagement.

Opportunities arise constantly to learn not only about the folks you are conversing with but also about yourself. It may prompt a memory to surface or instigate an emotional reaction within. It gives way for reflection after the occasion and consideration of words that were spoken.

A sense of belonging is imparted upon us; to some degree what many yearn to discover. A relief in perceiving that the world inside your head is understood by the very people showing genuine interest in that in which you are prepared to divulge.

This all clusters together for the enrichment of your well-being. You may have felt like an ant in a forest however the many other ants interested in the part you play in the whole ecology of life can discern meaning upon it.

You gain from it, each individual benefits from it and in turn, our communities and society as a whole reap the rewards of a thought, an idea or a suggestion shared. The catalyst is the desire to share, the result can be so much bigger than you could imagine.

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