Slow Down And Smell The Roses

I have been noticing that there are so many people that appear to be constantly rushing from one place to another, one errand to another, one thought to another. This is not only unhelpful for one’s wellbeing to be in such an elevated state of urgency, it is also unpleasant for those around them. Their franticness permeates the surrounding environment. If you happen to be in their presence when they are in this state, it can elevate your own feelings of anxiousness.

Clock with persons feet rushing needs to slow down and smell the roses

We can make a conscious choice to either become caught up in their storm or we can take a deep breath and slow down a tad. All can still be achieved that we set out to accomplish and it can be done so without the mad rush. The likelihood that it will be done to a greater quality and with more efficiency also exists.

I believe that being constantly rushing and super busy is a state that people get caught up in with little or no awareness this has become their new ‘usual’ way of being. They haven’t just arrived at this state, all of a sudden. This has been building without mindful attention to how they are living their days and spending their time. They are not living from a place of intent; they are living from a place of doing.

Slow down - just because you are doing a lot more does not mean you are getting a lot more done. Quote by Denzel Washington

Once this is realised; the awareness or recognition of the frantic pace one has been trying to function at, and sometimes this comes after a costly price is paid (ill-health or accidents come to mind), a choice can be made to not be a sheep doing the same as all the others in the flock.

When this has been accomplished, one is then able to step outside the chaos and go at your own pace, a pace that is helpful for you. Don’t forget though to also “Slow down and smell the roses” from time to time.

Rose bush with an abundance of blooms

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Time Clock Legs – Gerd Altmann @ Pixabay

Roses – Couleur @ Pixabay

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