Resilience – Thought Of The Week

I have been thinking about the resilience we develop throughout our life journey.

Right from birth, we have an innate capacity to survive; just making it through the birth is a feat.

We are all faced with challenges that test us to breaking point, yet we can dig deep and continue when we feel like we cannot.

We face it with the grief and loss when a loved one passes away. The heartache is immense, and the grief can be overwhelming.

Resilience is what serves us in these difficult times. It is what helps us get up every morning to face another day.

When we feel like we cannot move, physically or emotionally, our inner resilience manages to convince our mind that we can.

It is what is working away without our conscious thought and assisting us to take that step forward. Then the next step and the one after.

The pain, heartache, hurt, sadness and all the other emotions that are in a turmoil do not disappear.

However, the capacity we have developed to traverse our life journey, with any of its difficulties, serves us well.

We can endure, over time.

What incredible strength and resilience, courage and capacity we have, quite often, without realising it.

If you are facing any challenging or difficult life situation or event, health issue or unpleasant experience, may resilience come forth and support you. If it does not, please seek assistance from loved ones or professionals.



Image credit: Marc Pascual

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