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Politeness and consideration of others are qualities in a person that I admire. I acknowledge the actions of anyone who is polite and considerate. Often, I will just voice a short comment on how lovely that was to witness.

As I go about my day, observing people doing their own thing, I seek to find those moments that are positive and uplifting to see or experience.

Sadly, often when it comes to be a driver on the roads, these are few and far between. Time and again I see other drivers in such a rush and hurry, they are not being considerate of other road users.

Tailgating or honking if the vehicle in front of them doesn’t take a risk to bolt between the traffic is common. So too is cutting the corner and almost taking the front of vehicles with them.

Not to mention when a vehicle is waiting to turn across traffic. Drivers no longer wait in line in their designated lane, behind the turning vehicle. They insist upon driving around them, even if that means off-road or up gutters. I have seen many a vehicle almost side-swiped and it is sheer luck they haven’t been. Crazy behaviour.

There is also the pulling out in front of other vehicles when there is clearly not enough time to safely do so. Then the basic disregard for road rules that are meant to apply to all road users.

How come this is prevalent on our roads?

Would the same happen if the vehicle users were on foot, doing errands or lining up in queues somewhere?

I suspect most people would reel in their irritation and not tell the person in front of them in a queue to hurry up and step forward. Nor can I see them standing so close on their heels. Doing so would likely result in a retort from the person in front.

Is this why people in vehicles are escalating their irritations whilst on the road?

They are not likely to have a retort from the other driver and they have a metal protective barrier around them with instant locking of all doors and windows.

There is a respect of people’s personal space and the need to be considerate of others when with people in a general setting.
Why is this disregarded by some the moment they sit their butts in a vehicle and turn the ignition on?

Be polite and considerate of all people, always. Not everyone is in the same rush and hurry as you.
If you find yourself rushing all the time, from point A to B, set your alarm or leave for your destination five or more minutes earlier.

Remember, it is always better to get somewhere, late, than not ever get there at all. Your actions and behaviour could also prevent others from ever getting to where they were going.

Take care and please, be considerate of others, and polite to them too. The world needs more of this, not less.


politeness and consideration when driving


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