Random Thought or Six – Thought of the Week

Random thought. We all have them. This week I am presenting a batch of random thoughts that I have had in the past week. I welcome your comments, questions, agreement or otherwise.

#1 Random Thought – There are a lot of lonely people in this world and not just people residing in Aged Care Facilities. People living independently, the aged, the ill, folks with chronic illness, people who are socially isolated and folks struggling with daily life.

#2 Random Thought – At some point in our lives, we will discover how much easier it is to give kindness, caring and help to others. Giving that same level of gentleness to ourselves is not always an easy feat. Work on that; it is important.

#3 Random Thought – There will always be the doubters, the naysayers, the non-believers. Do it anyway. Do what fills your heart and soul with joy. Nobody else needs to understand your journey; they are not walking it, you are.

#4 Random Thought – No matter how great your life is, there will be those little irritants that pop up from time to time to remind you that you are indeed a small seed on this big planet. A pebble in your shoe, a barking dog next door, a fly that won’t leave you alone can irritate indiscriminately.

#5 Random Thought – We can have the greatest of intentions and life will throw up a curve ball which sends us off kilter. Not being able to honour those intentions can be difficult. Being kind to yourself is imperative. If the curve ball didn’t happen, the intention could have taken place. There was no choice. For our sake of wellness, we need to allow it to pass, without berating ourselves for something we had no control over.

#6 Random Thought – With much debate happening in our area around the use of water, directives issued by Real Estate Agents and Corporate Bodies to keep properties gardens and lawns green are causing a divide among the population.

Water levels are critically low. There are towns further west of here with supply so low, they won’t have enough to put out a house or grass fire.

To me, having water for drinking, cooking and hygiene is the highest priority. It far exceeds a desire to have a green lawn and gardens.

I am at a loss how people can be placed under such pressure by Real Estate Property Managers when there is already enough stress and suffering due to this ongoing drought.

The lawns and gardens will replenish when the earth is hydrated once more. People cannot survive without water. No debate there as far as I am concerned as to where water should be used.

Random Thoughts

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