A Little Further Outside the Comfort Zone – Thought Of The Week

To this day, I can still be pleasantly surprised. Surprised by the uplifting feelings I get after I have stepped a little further outside the space that becomes my comfort zone.

It has taken practice to venture into the unknown without getting those immobilizing fears rising inside.

Of course, at the beginning, when I first started putting my foot into unfamiliar territory, it was nerve-racking to say the least.

Like with anything I do, despite the challenges or the nervousness of it, I do it because it is important to me, to do so.

Whether this is to learn something new, achieve a goal, discover new possibilities or put myself ‘out there’. I persevere and gently give those butterfly feelings a calming pat so I can accomplish what I have set my mind to.

With each new step outside the comfort zone, knowledge is gained. With each minor achievement, confidence grows.

The next step taken is not nearly as difficult as the one prior.

The benefits and pay-offs for trusting myself, following my intuition and being true to who I am and what I need are truly remarkable.

Belief in myself and my capabilities, grow steadily.

Beautiful new souls I meet enlighten me, bring joy and illuminate my day with their smiles.

Gratitude is so easily and deeply felt. I feel grateful for trusting in me and for the people whom I have met and engaged with.

Writing can involve lengthy periods of solitude and being alone. Although I very much enjoy solitude, I also equally very much enjoy interactions with other like-minded individuals.

Each time I step a little further outside the comfort zone that had become so familiar and comfortable, something very beautiful happens.

Beautiful humans become less of a stranger. I achieve, I grow, and I am enriched.

Often, the Universe also rewards me for doing so.

Are you currently functioning within the confines of your own comfort zone?

If you have been there for a while, try taking that first step. Go a little further outside the comfort zone of your current existence.

I promise you; it will be worth it!


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