Love can trump everything – Thought of the Week

This week, my thoughts have turned to how one love can trump another.

My passion is Mumma Sue’s View and creative writing. I think about it as soon as I wake, all day long and before I fall asleep.

Constantly, I am thinking about the now and the future, in terms of what I share, what I will write about and what I can give my loyal followers.

I am amid planning projects for 2020 and have been gaining clarity and focus about the next stage I will embark upon.

Other aspects around my writing have been gaining momentum also. Things are going great in this arena.

Whilst I power forth with this passion, I have the support and encouragement of my loved ones.

However, at times, I feel that I am being neglectful towards them. This arises when I am so immersed in my writing or planning and not in contact with them as often as I would really like to be.

I would love to split my time equally between my two greatest loves – my beautiful and cherished loved ones and my passions.

With the goals I have in place, my ‘work’ often takes priority until I am sought out to help my loved ones out.

Very recently, in the last few days, something happened to a dear loved one of mine.

I froze; paralysed. It felt like I couldn’t breathe. My stomach resembled a punching bag. Emotions reached an unparalleled height. Numbness visited.

Very conscious of my passion and work I had to do; I just couldn’t attend to it. My focus was and is, with my loved one.

My thoughts, energies and all my hopes have been with this loved one and willing them to recover.

I have always known and acknowledged their importance and value in my life. And voice it often to them. I never take them for granted.

Possibly what I may have taken for granted, was their presence for many more decades.

Getting this frightful scare put things into perspective even more so.

I am passionate about what I do, and I love what I do. I will continue this for as long as I am able.

However, my love for my loved one trumps the love I have for my passion. I would give up everything I have for my loved one if that means they will be fully recovered and their beautiful self once more.

Love can trump everything and other than breathing, nothing is more important than our loved ones.

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