It is ALWAYS the little things that truly count


“Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odourless but all together they perfume the air.” – Georges Bernanos


The little things – seemingly tiny morsels of a person’s character which are not always recognised or acknowledged. It is these that collectively, make up the person that we like, or love.

How often do we truly contemplate the individual characteristics of a person? Are we habitually consumed with the whole person and seldom give any thought to their small traits?

Often these traits are not truly identified until someone is absent in our lives, for whatever reason. It is then that we tend to remember and also miss the little things about them.

The sound of their voice, or their laughter. A mannerism or a phrase they always said. Advice or knowledge they would dispel.

It could be their scent or a quirky way they did something. The way they walked or talked. Or how you felt in their presence.

So many little things we witness, hear or feel can cause a tug at our heart strings, when the ones we love are not around.

No longer able to ask for their help, or their wisdom. Instead, you traverse the path of finding out how to do it yourself.

The pang in the stomach comes. If only they were here, how much easier, and more enjoyable would this be, doing it together.

The hugs they wrapped you in, the sound of their comforting words, the warmth they emitted.

These morsels of a magnificent being who holds a place in your heart.

Numerous small things that can trigger that deep feeling of loss and heartache.

It is always the little things, as these are essentially the BIG things, that truly matter.

For what is bigger than the people that you love?

Enjoy the little things

Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos @ Pixabay

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  1. This piece of writing was so relevant for me this month due to my mom passing in July. Even twelve years later it still hurts and I needed to remember the “little things” that keep her alive in my memory. Thank you.

    Shirl M Crimmins
    1. Shirl, thank you for your comment. It is something I am reminding myself of regularly. However, sometimes the hurt rises above the memories of the little things, and it hurts even more. Holding the little things close, will, ultimately override the pain and bring comfort and joy, I hope. May you always have those wonderful memories of the little things about your mum that made her uniquely special to you.

      Mumma Sue

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