Mumma Sue


Mumma Sue


Sue Nolan is affectionately known as Mumma Sue.

She is an aspiring creative writer and poet, learning all she can about her craft.

Here she presents fictional and poetic pieces alongside musings on life.

Her interests include creative writing, reading, family history, natural health and wellness, self-improvement, learning, music and nature.

Mumma Sue’s greatest joys, proudest moments and deepest concerns involve the ones she holds dearest; her family of two daughters, two sons, their partners, ten grandchildren and her extended family who call her Mumma Sue.

She is excited about this chapter of her life which has brought with it a steep learning curve; one that can feed her hunger for knowledge and thirst for growth.

Each day she aims to be the best version of herself and hopes to inspire, encourage and help others through what she shares.

Mumma Sue lives in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia with her Great Dane X, Bella.