Relish all that is

What a wondrous world we live in and how phenomenal are our bodies. We have the incredible gift of thought that can be turned into action. We have intuition that guides us. We can make choices and learn from the consequences of them. We can gain insight to matters that are important to us. We have the fight or flight response to protect us. We are capable of making plans to broaden our horizons and take in views all across our planet. We have the ability to decipher between appropriate and helpful or inappropriate and unhelpful behaviours. We can grow from experiences. We never stop learning throughout our lifetimes. We have a mind that is the most powerful of all story tellers. We have physical, emotional and mental abilities and limitations. We have so many commonalities yet each of us is unique. We are a gift unto ourselves and have a responsibility to honour our gift. With all that we naturally have, by the very beings that we are, we can influence and impact our glorious world we participate in. Our contribution can be positive, helpful, compassionate, kind and caring or the opposite. The choice is ours. The seeming less small gestures of kindness to grand projects for the betterment of our fellow mankind all play a part in making the days we are on this planet great for each of us despite the troubles that we face. This offers us hope. Hope gives motivation. Motivation creates action. Action provides outcomes. Outcomes touch us all. So no matter where you are on this Wonderful Wednesday, take a few minutes, have a look at your view and how wondrous and phenomenal it is. We have a lot to rejoice in. Take care and relish all that is x


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