Some days I know ahead of time what I am going to write about and others I don’t have a single clue. I have confidence in that something will come to me and surely it does, usually well ahead of the time I am ready to sit and write. Not so today (insert chuckle).

I have thought of a few things over the last twenty-four hours and once again, as I didn’t note them down, they have poured out threw the holes in my memory. I go with the flow and figure the time to write about them must now be now.

Today is a one of a number of special days on my calendar for me; it is my eldest sons’ birthday. I have not spoken much of my family as yet. I am fortunate to be the mum to two daughters and two sons who all except my youngest son have young families of their own.

As I begin to count the number of special days they quickly add up. Birthdays for my four offspring and four more for their partners/former partners, nine for my grandchildren and add in two wedding anniversaries, birthday and anniversary of when we met for my partner, then adding in birthdays for closest and dearest friends, close relatives and distant ones whose birthdays I still remember and the number is very high.

That in itself is cause for celebration. I am ever so very fortunate to have this many people in my world that mean so much to me. I am truly one heck of a lucky woman! Birthdays have always been important to be – a special moment of when a special person came into our lives. During my kids’ childhood, I made more of a fuss about their birthdays than I ever did any other celebration event on our calendar as the day they came into my family was so significant.

Today is also the official day of summer down here in the southern hemisphere; my favourite time of the year as I love the warmer weather. Now many won’t agree with me on this one, especially those who live here in Dubbo where temperatures can reach in the 40 degrees celsius and above in the height of summer. I have my own little personal happy inner celebration of this time and that’s okay by me.

We have so many reasons for celebrations in our lives; birthdays, anniversaries, the safe arrival of a newborn, graduation, friendships, new jobs, love and the basic simple fact that we are still here today to enjoy the day. We can get so busy with everyday life and easily forget what a fortunate life we do indeed have. One very much worth celebrating, even if things are tough and you are having a challenging time, merely surviving is more than a worthy reason.

So I leave you now with a wish for you that you have many reasons for celebration during your life journey. May they well and truly outnumber any days of sadness, heartache and challenges x

Photo credit: Artturi_Mantysaari@pixabay

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