Of late I have felt like I have been bobbing around in the ocean, getting tossed about and slammed by the waves causing them to wreak havoc on my body, tiring it out and testing my strength to keep my head above water.

My legs have been working hard to tread water so I do not slip under. They have been getting tired. My strength, just when I think it is about to run out, then finds I have a smidgen to wring out and use to keep myself from going down.

I have a few lifelines cast my way that have encouraged me to keep going and hang on; such a valuable gift that I cherish more than they could ever possibly know. I have been reassured that I am not going to drown. I have been reassured that I have the resilience needed. I have been supported by them so I can endure this storm.

And so far, it is working and I have not succumbed completely to the vastness of the great depths. I have spluttered. I have thrashed about. I have laid still. I have focused. I have taken many a deep breath. I have believed.

The fallout though is a toll on my well-being. It will take some time to recover, rejuvenate and restore the wellness I have achieved before now. It is not impossible. It is not going to elude me. I can do it. I will do it. I must do it.

So in the meantime, my posts may be scant as I conserve and utilize my energies in the most helpful way for any given day or hour. I won’t be far away and shall share when I can.

Take care one and all and be grateful for all the lifelines you have in your world. They are amazingly incredible awesome souls x

Image: Dimitri Vetsikas

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