I have great admiration for people who not only have respect for others but whom outwardly show it as well. There is depth of character in those who truly have regard for oneself and as much for other people also.

I am not just talking about courtesy here; I mean true deep consideration of others and the impact of one’s words or actions upon those people in your world and those who you encounter in your daily life. I am saddened that this is not as common as it once seemed to be yet on the occasions I see it in people, I regain hope that it is making a comeback across the general populous.

It is so refreshing to see respect of others being displayed by the younger generations. For as long as I can remember, it was a way of life for older generations. It is just pure joy to witness people from my generation and younger showing respect towards not only their elders but to all people they engage with. Hope surfaces that the children of these people who are being respectful are learning by example and in turn will become members of our community who will also outwardly show respect of others.

Many times I have seen a person whom I would wish for them to learn and understand about respect, not only of their own self and the way they conduct themselves but also how to show respect to others and the value in doing so. I have thought of how I would like to video record them in order to be able to play it back to them and show them the perspective from which others see their words, actions or behaviours. Would they possibly be enlightened? Who knows?

I feel the hope lies within being an example and showing the respect you have for someone. When this is witnessed, by learning or opened minds, there is hope that these people in turn will begin or continue to show respect and a cycle of ‘lead by example’ will gain momentum.

Do you feel this is a trait carried by many or only a few? I would love to hear your thoughts

Take care one and all……and please be respectful x

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