Darkness falls over the day

Blanketing the sky

Sun beams gone to bed

Moon yet to be high


Coolness in the air

Dew touches the earth

Warmth sought after

Gather around the hearth


Aromas wafting through

Filling the house

Hearty meal at the ready

Salivating hungry mouths


Wrapping oneself up

Pondering the night

Thinking too much

Considering his plight


Shall this go on?

Is this all?

Emotions flood

Up goes the wall


Best say nothing

Don’t voice a word

No longer worth it

His thoughts go unheard


Will the night be long?

Shall there be dreams?

With the sunrise in the morn

Does his face chance a gleam?


Can he hide the darkness

From those who cast an eye

Keeping it within him

Pretending just to be shy


Sadness has an escape

Often without warning

Rising to the surface

Beginning our mourning


For once there was happiness

All the day through

Now replaced by a sombre mood

Often the shade of blue




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