Amelia and her double digit agony; a story

I was given a story prompt by one of my followers on my Mumma Sue’s View Facebook Page. The prompt was ‘Amelia is nine and three-quarter years old’. Here is the story that evolved from that. Enjoy.

Little Amelia’s brilliant blue eyes blinking ever so hopefully were difficult to resist. Her soft pink cheeks against her pale porcelain complexion with perfectly formed ringlets falling ever so gently just made her mother and father’s heart melt at the mere sight of her. She was a very gentle child; kind to every person and animal she met. So far she had been content with quietly devouring as many books as she could possibly read however like everything, that was to change also; their little girl would want more in her life.

“Mummy can I have a pony please?” her sweet little voice politely requested.

‘Oh my, that is a big gift you are asking for Amelia” her mother replied.

“I do promise to take care of it. I will ride it every day. And brush it and feed it and tuck it in for the night” Amelia hurriedly added in the hope her request would be seen more favourably.

“Daddy…. please!” she implored.

“Let mummy and daddy have a talk about it tonight and we will speak with you at breakfast” her father announced.

Amelia thought of the long agonising night ahead, wondering how she could possibly sleep with the looming decision to come all those hours away. She had to try so she could show her parents she will be on her best behaviour, no matter what. Surely they have to say yes and with that thought, she rolled over so her mother could tuck her in under the blankets. The night was dark and the wind was blowing gently. It was time to snuggle down deep in her comfortable bed and dream of days with her new pony.

“Good morning Mummy. Good morning Daddy” Amelia cheerfully sang out as she took her seat at the breakfast table.

“Good morning Amelia” her parents replied in unison.

“Amelia, daddy and mummy had a talk last night, as promised. We hope you won’t be too sad and disappointed. A pony is a big gift and we cannot get one for your birthday in a few days’ time.” Amelia’s father carefully explained.

“We are not saying you cannot ever have a pony” her mother swiftly added in an attempt to stifle the impending sadness.

Her father continued. “Amelia, we think that it would be best for the pony and yourself, if we were to get you one for your tenth birthday……as long as we have moved out of town by then.”

“A whole year away….I have to wait a whole year!” Amelia gasped.

The memory of that morning when Amelia’s parents had told her she couldn’t have a pony until her tenth birthday was vividly replaying in her mind. She had played it over and over, every single day for the last nine months. There was no chance she was going to forget what her parents had told her days before her ninth birthday.

Amelia's heart wish

Today they were having a picnic lunch after a game of tennis at the courts in the small village between town and their new home, out on the farm. Other families from around the area were going to be there and Amelia was told there will be other children for her to meet. She was excited for the day and eagerly dressed, ready for it to begin.

Looking out the car window she took in the scenery as with each car trip she discovered something new every time. There was a buzz of excitement and laughter when they arrived at the old town hall grounds where the tennis courts were. People were unloading items out of their vehicles and children were darting in and out amongst the adults and cars, chasing one another.

As Amelia’s parents were getting their picnic basket and chairs out, a couple with two younger children approached them. They were the Arnold family that lived a few farms from here. They exchanged greetings with her parents then turned towards Amelia.

“Hello there young lady” said Mr Arnold.

“Hello Mr Arnold and Mrs Arnold” Amelia replied.

“We would like you to meet our sons Jake and Sebastian” Mr Arnold announced.

“Hello Jake. Hello Sebastian” she cordially replied.

“Jake is six and Sebastian is eight. How old are you Amelia?” Mrs Arnold enquired.

“I am nine and three-quarters Mrs Arnold” Amelia proudly stated.

“Oh what a fine age there Amelia, not far from your tenth birthday I see” Mrs Arnold chuckled.

“Three months” Amelia confirmed with a large grin.

“What would a lovely young lady like you want for your tenth birthday? Do you have any ideas? We only know what boys like” Mr Arnold queried.

“Oh I know what I would like. I have known for ages and ages!” Amelia responded.

It was one week until her double digit birthday and her parents always ask what birthday gift she would like at least one week before her birthday. As she dressed for the day ahead, she knew what her answer was going to be when they asked this morning at breakfast. She could hardly contain her excitement as she rushed to the breakfast table.

Something wasn’t right! Breakfast was served and the usual chatter about the day ensued however her parents did not once ask that question she had been asked since she was about three years old. She could not understand why her parents had not asked her what she would like for her birthday next week.

The day was going to be sheer torture; how could they forget? School was not the distraction she was hoping for. Classes happened, lunch and play time happened but she couldn’t help but wonder why her parents had forgotten to ask.

She had waited patiently for fifty-one weeks to remind them of their promise, well not a promise really but still, almost a promise. A pony for her tenth birthday; that is what she wanted and they had moved out of town which had been one of the conditions. Plenty of room for a pony and besides, she had done all her chores when she was asked. Surely they could see that she will be able to look after it. Oh the torture was almost unbearable!

“Amelia? Amelia Grace?” her father had been calling her name but she had been miles away in thought.

“Darling, are not you feeling well? You have hardly eaten any of your dinner” her mother queried.

“I…I…never mind” Amelia despondently replied.

The thinking and wondering all day had made her tired. She was sad and tired. Her hopes had sunken. Her tenth birthday was next week and there will be no pony. She concluded that they hadn’t asked therefore they hadn’t remembered and didn’t care; a new low for her otherwise very cheery disposition.

“How about I put your dinner in the oven to stay warm whilst we take a little walk outside?” Amelia’s mother asked.

“If you like” Amelia replied whilst wondering why they would go for a walk at this time of night.

“Let me get your coat and gumboots” her father offered.

Her father buttoned up her coat as her mother turned on the outside lights and took the torch from the hallstand beside the front door.

“Let’s check the animals are all settled for the night, shall we?” her mother asked.

“Okay mummy” Amelia replied with a happier tone. She loved the animals and seeing them once more before she went to bed was a real treat.

“Well, they all seem to be happy and settled for the night” her father announced. “I just need to get something from the shed. Amelia can you please hold the torch for me so I can see?” he continued.

“Is that okay mummy?” Amelia asked as she reached for the torch.

“Yes darling, of course. I will follow along behind” her mother replied joyfully.

Amelia’s father unbolted the big old timber shed doors. They were the tallest doors she had ever seen and far too heavy for her to open. He pushed one of them wide open and then walked carefully inside, waiting for Amelia to be beside him, so he could see clearly. They were walking to the far end of the shed but Amelia didn’t understand why, there wasn’t anything stored down there.

As they reached the end of the piles of stock feed and other bits and pieces that were lined up along one side of the old shed, her father stopped and stood still. The light of the torch was glistening against the back wall but then the shadow of something appeared. Amelia squealed as she was startled by the movement.

“Shhh! Now now, it is alright” said her father in a comforting manner.

“Slowly turn the torch light to the corner darling” her mother instructed.

Amelia clung tightly to her father’s side and did as her mother suggested. She was fearful of what may appear once the light reached the corner nook. All of a sudden she froze still, mouth agape and felt the most intense feeling she had ever felt! Tears immediately stung her eyes. There before her, quietly tucked in the corner in a pile of hay was a pony. It was beautiful! Along its neck was the most gorgeous mane she had ever seen and those great big brown eyes with long eyelashes were spectacular. The pony stood up gently then proceeded to slowly walk towards them.

“Happy early tenth birthday Amelia Grace!” her parents chorused.

“But, I….I thought you had forgotten” Amelia told them.

“Not a chance darling!”

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