Guest Writer – Beau Kissell – Short Story

Introducing my second Guest Writer for this year, Beau Kissell. Read on to learn a little about Beau and his creative work titled “An Event to Remember”.

Beau’s bio

My love for stories began at a young age when I discovered ancient myths which eventually led me into developing stories of my own.

My favoured genre is epic and dark fantasy. I am currently in the process of writing the first book in a series in this genre.

Despite my love for fantasy and storytelling coupled with an over-developed imagination, the writing itself does not come easy to me. I have a lot to learn.

Beau’s Short story – “an event to remember”

I remember, my family had just moved to a new town which would be the second of three towns that I would move to before the age of nine.

My mother was a woman of Christian faith. She would join a new church in every town we moved to and bring my sister and me along with her as it was very important to her to pass on her faith to her children.

At the time I was excited to meet potential new friends. All was pleasant for a time however unbeknownst to my child’s mind my all too trusting mother had begun to be influenced.

One morning I will not soon forget. I awoke to find my favourite plush toy companion sitting at the end of my single bed smiling with a good morning. I arose and headed off to the kitchen for breakfast.

As I ate my cereal, I noticed my mother’s strange behaviour. Regrettably I inquired as to what was bothering her. She began spouting words clearly not of her own making, eventually coming to a decision that would remain with me into adulthood.

She picked up a knife from the kitchen counter and left the room. A little fear touched my heart however curiosity took me as I made to follow.

I found my mother looming over my toy companion knife poised. I asked her what she was doing; fear for my friend overwhelming me. She proceeded to tell me of the church’s firm beliefs in removing anything offensive to God.

How my Digimon toy offended God I had no idea and was certain the church was mistaken. However, the look in my mother’s eyes spoke of her conviction.

I pleaded with her to spare my toy and offered to sacrifice all the others if only she would allow me to keep my favourite. My pleas were in vain as I watched, tears streaming down my face, as my friend was torn apart.

Beau Kissell story, child's bed, no plush toy

Image credit: Pixabay


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