Sleep – Thought of the Week

Just recently, I have had a little over a week of insufficient sleep. I have definitely noticed the effects of it upon my body and capacity to do tasks.

It makes me wonder if this is in part a reason why many teenagers are not coping so well. They are bombarded by constant text messages, phone calls and social media contact. There is little time for them to just zone down.

My lack of adequate restorative sleep is a dance my body likes to have with the full moon cycle. This is not anything I am able to control.

What I can do for myself though, is ensure that I do not overschedule my days. I am then able to work through them at a suitable pace. Another is to have technology free periods of time both during the day and of an evening. It is imperative I do this when I am awaiting sleep to visit.

I am also rather aware of my needs when in this sleep deprived state. As mentioned previously, I have a chronic condition. To manage it efficiently, I needed to tune in to what my body is telling me it needs at any given time.

It is so very easy for us to ignore the signals that our mind and body require rest and rejuvenating sleep in order to restore.

The benefits of listening and taking the action of having rest breaks, shutting off technology, heading to bed half an hour earlier are more than worth it.

It is a whole lot easier to love life and enjoy the everyday blessings we have when we are well rested. Gratitude is easier to experience also.

Do you get caught up in the flow of life or do you make conscious choices around your sleep needs to ensure your wellness is a priority?

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