Trusting myself – let the journey begin!

There has not ever been a period of time in my life where I have had as many epiphanies, and decisions to make as a result, than in the last three weeks. They are appearing at the oddest times, and situations. Well, perhaps not so when I think about it. The epiphanies came when I was mindfully calm and present. A conduit allowing clarity to surge forth with gusto, barrelling everything else out of its path.

From these in-my-face-explosions-of-awareness, my first decision has been will I act upon them. Or will I permit old beliefs and patterns to rise sufficiently so that they suffocate these gems of enlightenment? Thankfully, it will be the former, with open arms, heart, and soul.

An inner joy bubbles throughout my being. The feeling is euphoric. I do not feel as afraid anymore which is ironically scary in itself. This is foreign territory that I relentlessly doubted I would reach. Yet here I am with a lightness that is evolving from lifting the burdens of the past, and fear, into the vastness to evaporate like misty droplets on a hot summer’s day.

I am trusting of the Universe, and that all things happen for a reason on our life journey. I believe too that what we need is given to us at the perfect time. It would be so easy to question if this is the right time for all that I am envisioning. Trust, in the Universe, and myself, abates the need to do so. Even that feels a strange arena to be standing in – trusting myself. Until a recent workshop I had not realised that I was not trusting myself. In any relationship, including the one with myself, trust is a requirement. I had to address the lack of it for that trust to develop.

Coaching myself through these changes has been a challenging feat. I knew much of what was dominating my existence, was not serving me well. The shared wisdom from my incredible coaches, and their support, gave me the substance to get through the challenges when I did not have access to them. I am the better for it, and for having them guide me.

A renewed optimism, hopefulness, and excitement now greets me when I am setting my intentions and planning. Drudgery is gone. Belief also saunters in with insistence that I remember where I have been, and that where I am now, my vision is possible. Dreams are multiplying at an unprecedented rate for me, and this is delightfully uplifting.

The road ahead has not ever looked so open, inviting, and possible to navigate as it does right now. Each journey serves a beautiful purpose, and the one I have been on recently, gee did it deliver more than one could have imagined. The one I am stepping into, is next level exciting. Let the travels begin!

Compass giving direction for a journey to trusting

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  1. Hello there dear Sue,

    I was so happy to see your name appear in my inbox and to discover you are doing well. You are often in my thoughts and always in my prayers. What an enlightening piece you wrote, and good luck on this newest life journey of discovery.
    God Bless,

    Shirl Smith
    1. Thank you kindly dear Shirl. You are often in my thoughts also. Life’s happenings took me away from my writing, and most things, for a good while. I am filled with joy to be back writing again and working towards my future. Time to follow your example and get my book written and out into the world!
      Take care my lovely friend,
      Sue xx

      Mumma Sue

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