Out there. Directions please!

Want to come on an adventure with me?

I can’t promise we will reach the destination, however the journey could be fun.
So, where do I want to go? To find a place called Out There. It sounds like a fascinating place. Folks are talking about it all the time. One could be led to believe that it is the most amazing community of all.
Hardly a week goes by without this elusive place being mentioned. Just this morning I opened an email, and the author referred to this unknown location. My curiosity about this place is growing, so I would appreciate directions, if you have them.

Why? Well, because . . .

‘There are so many people Out There’
Really? Surely it cannot be a blink-and-you-miss-it locality, yet it is not on any map.
‘You should get Out There’
Okay, I get the hint. Directions would be handy!
‘You should put yourself Out There more’
It would be easier if I knew the way to this elusive place!
‘There is so much help, Out There’
Now you are toying with me, aren’t you? By help, do you mean a cleaner, a cook, and a gardener?
‘You really should get out there.’
Well, you are just being ridiculous now. It seems to be a secret location known only to a few. But how secret can it truly be when countless people mention it?
‘Put yourself out there.’
‘There’s plenty of kids out there wanting to work.’

On and on it goes.

Almost every single day, someone refers to this amazing destination. I not only read about it in emails or articles, I also hear about it on podcasts, the radio, and even television.
I mean, I have no objections to checking this place out. It would be fascinating to discover if there are so many helpful people there.
Let’s not forget about discovering why folks keep urging us to go there. That alone must be worth the trek.
Sometimes, I truly wonder how I have never discovered the location of this place, especially considering how frequently people mention it.
Often, it is casually referenced during conversation, without opportunity to ask about it.
The more I keep hearing about Out There, the more annoying it is becoming. There is no map, postcode, photos, or directions. Is it just made up? That would be cruel if that is the case. It sounds like the place of everything, yet it could be a place of nothing. A place that does not exist.
We might need to rethink this adventure. After all, I don’t know anybody who has been there. Do you?


the words out there

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