Do Something!

Two simple words that have inspired me and believe me, I needed that inspiration and a big dose of kick-up-the-butt motivation to move myself from the place I was in a few days ago to where I am now. In recent times I would not have believed anyone who had said that two words would be capable of making a difference. There was of course, way more than these two little words in isolation; there was an entire book! One that I was meant to read, one that would resonate, one that would set the proverbial light bulb off, one I couldn’t put down as I hungrily absorbed all within and the catalyst to bring me to here – writing a blog! Who would have ever thought that I would be doing this. Not me. Not until two simple words motivated me -‘do something’.  So here I am, after venturing into and navigating the unknown. My ‘do something’. What will your ‘do something’ be? Something as bold as this or even bolder perhaps? Something you have been thinking about doing but let fears or constraints hold you back? Something you think is small and not so significant? Do something today and see what shifts in your world.


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