Dare to bare

The motivation I needed to ‘do something’ found its way into my world. One thought triggered another and then came an idea.

With the idea, the light bulb moment and I don’t have a clue how to do it, I thought. I made a choice.

This time the idea was not going to get shuffled to the side and then back, back, back until it was forgotten.

‘Do something’ echoed in the recesses of my mind. Do something, anything that will get you going on this path.

Step by step, breath by breath, whilst uncomfortable feelings of trepidation occasionally raised their head, I made one choice after another.

Do it! Write! Put it out there! No longer listen to the voice of fear – bare your soul!

It was definitely the time; for over thirty years, I had carried with me a single sentence, this sentence – “There he stood, silent and still, silhouetted against the golden sunset.”

The one line I had in my head for over thirty years to begin writing, as I thought way back then, a book.

No idea of a storyline, as a naïve sixteen year old, I had just this one line. It was a sentence, a start, that never went anywhere until now; finally written albeit not the opening line in a book.

That single sentence does have memories attached; a camping adventure, a close friend, a camp fire, hiking, morning fog floating above the stream, a warm cuppa and a tall lean figure standing atop the highest point on the range, silent and still, silhouetted against the golden sunset.

These memories will remain with me forever, I hope, however that single sentence is at last, out there.

One choice, a different choice and a thought or two have been unshackled.

If over time, in baring my soul, my thoughts, my nagging head voice, inspires or helps even just one person, then great, I will be a very content woman. If not, at least I have been creative and set free some of the gazillion thoughts that occupy my mental space.

In an obtuse way, the days since turning fifty seem to be propelling me towards being closer to the ‘me’ I once knew. The ‘me’ that dared to take on something new without the inner voice getting more than a minute to give its best shot at inciting doubts.

So today I celebrate. I shall raise my glass to choice and daring to bare oneself. Cheers everyone!


sunrise - dare to bare your soul


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