Empty cup

‘Didn’t get the license plate’ was a tagline used some years ago with fair regularity. Often following was the ‘yep, been hit by a truck or two’ and sometimes ‘damn convoy!’ It was a time when chronic fatigue dictated the terms. Pain, unforgiving and indiscriminate, was predominantly the precursor to the energy-sucking-sheer-exhausting fatigue. A hint of those times raised its head to sneak a peek at me this morning. A whip-crack put it back in its place. Don’t come sniffing around here! Thankfully pain is not at the fore today unlike a couple of days ago when my leg and I had different ideas about what I was going to be doing. Not surprising though, pain took the stage, so fatigue decided to vie for the part too but I am onto them. Rest and self-care have been awarded the part and have Centre stage. I know full well that won’t stop pain and fatigue from protesting and trying to sabotage rest and self-care. They don’t stand a chance now. With time and experience comes wisdom; the wisdom of knowing that it is not beneficial to my well-being to push on with pain and fatigue as companions. My good pals now are rest and self-care. It took some time to form our good friendship which has been more than worth it. This friendship is supportive and kind and caring. This friendship affords me the space and time to restore, rejuvenate and heal. This friendship fills up my cup where pain and fatigue would gladly empty it. Think about who your companions are and whether they are emptying or filling your cup.


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