It is amazing how the planets align. Yesterday I had two topics in front of me to write about; onions or kindness. Little did I know then that with my decision to do the piece on Onions that I would be writing today about kindness on World Kindness Day. Nor did I even know there was such a dedicated day and when until I saw a reference to it this morning. Sheer coincidence perhaps or meant to be? To me, kindness is an act every single person on our planet can do. There is no tangible cost to it unless you put a price on your time. There is an almost endless list of ways in which we can deliver kindness to another. The good feelings the recipient experiences isn’t the only benefit; there is value in it for the doer too. To do it well, you need to do it without expecting, wanting or needing anything in return. Do it purely out of thoughtfulness, compassion or generosity. My thoughts keep returning to an act of kindness I was the beneficiary of recently. It was someone I did not know and when I met this person, I sensed immediately their gentleness and noticed that they emitted a glow of selflessness. I was so touched and moved by their actions towards me that the feelings stayed with me for a long time. I then had a compulsion, both consciously and no doubt sub-consciously, to ensure I did the same for others. Even though for most kindness is part of our character, it is always nice to extend it more often and especially when an unplanned or unforeseen opportunity arises. Give it a go. Say gedday to someone you don’t know and pay them a compliment. Hold a door open and let someone else go through ahead of you. Take your neighbours bin in for them. Give the trolley you just grabbed to the person behind you waiting to get theirs. Whatever it is you do, do it purely from a place of kindness. Also remember to be kind to yourself, ensuring you are taking good care of yourself. When you are doing this, being kind to yourself, kindness to others comes with ease. Take care one and all and be kind to yourself and others today and always. The world sure needs it.


  1. I so agree with this. It is not that hard or difficult to be nice to someone. We see so little of this around today, as people seem to be constantly in a rush, and have no consideration for anyone but themselves. I really hope the values of humanity come back to the fore, before they are all lost.

    Annette Heslin

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