Right Path?

How many times have you weighed up the pros and cons of whether to go in one direction or another? What if I choose this? Maybe it’s better to choose that? In the situations I found the most challenging I would reach for a trusty pen and piece of paper, writing down pros in one column and cons in another, seeing which one came out on top as the decider. Well, I had thought they were challenging situations until I found myself in a very uncomfortable place with my back against the wall and some other force pushing me into a corner that I had not chosen for myself. All of a sudden there was no need for pen, paper and a list. Without much of a conscious thought or realisation, I was already on the way forward on a new path. Now if I had of had a chance to delve into the here’s or there’s, I may have questioned what on earth in a sane world was I doing. Thankfully those chances didn’t arise. Those chances weren’t needed. That doesn’t mean that every choice and decision and path I have taken has been totally flawless and without its bumps along the way. It merely means I have learned that there is no wrong path. Every step, every deviation, every side road we take is beneficial. We will learn, discover and see something meant for us and without fail, we will be enlightened. We may not see it in the moment or even soon after however, one day, you will understand. I am gaining that understanding continually as each year passes why my new path began four years ago on this day, November 8, 2013. I had not consciously chosen to be in that situation with those circumstances that was the catalyst; saying I was not happy about it at the time would be an understatement. I now however, am so grateful for it. Not for the discomfort, the agonising, the awkwardness, the fear and sleeplessness; that part was awful. What I am grateful for was the change that needed to happen to set me on this track in my life journey. Here this track has given me hills of learning, blind bends of bafflement, valleys of confusion that have opened up to plains of appreciation with streams of joy. What a wonderful landscape I have traversed so far and I am so excited for the next adventure and tracks of discovery that lies awaiting me.


  1. Almost thought I was reading my life story there for a moment, as my life changed 4 years ago in a different direction and for good reason. The ups and downs maybe the worst, and it helps when you have someone to help you through those tough times. I am sure the bumps in the road are there to test us, and at times they can be very trying. Once through them, you can eventually see the path ahead, even if only for a short period of time.

    Annette Heslin

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