An unfortunate incident or …….?

For the last couple of months I have had ongoing issues with my right leg. Initially I had sciatica, resolved that with acupuncture, then two weeks ago tripped over a garden hose which ironically I was trying to coil up to prevent someone tripping over it and the following day, I went to turn around and had an immense pain ‘lock’ my leg from mid-thigh to mid-calf. I hobbled to my car and then inside when I arrived home. Over the coming days I rested it, massaged it with amazing oil, had acupuncture again and just as it came good, I re-injured it going up a set of stairs and man oh man, this time the pain was way more intense! A trip to hospital confirmed that I need to stay off it anywhere from a few days up to a couple of weeks, hopefully. Ordinarily this would be the ultimate test for me as I am not one for sitting idle for long; I have to be up moving around and taking a short rest when needed. It is my ‘alternating activity and rest’ technique that I learned as a means to help manage pain and fatigue that dominated my world some years ago. This is just a continued practice now days for my well-being. So what is different? Why don’t I envision this to be the ultimate challenge like I would have previously? Simple – I see this as an opportunity; an opportunity to give time to being creative without my usual day to day efforts competing for my time. The pitfalls of being housebound and unable to bear weight on my leg are real, yet I am grateful for all that I can still do. I am not feeling sorry for myself and have gratitude for all the help I have received and dare I say it, even a wheelie-walker that I wouldn’t have thought I would be using for another thirty to forty years! Crutches and I didn’t form a good friendship but the WW is a mate; my mobility mate. So here’s to the sunny side up and if you are having trouble finding something to be grateful about, below is a video that might just give that a little nudge along


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