In the process

Have you ever discovered that whilst working on a project, be it your daily tasks at home or work or making something specific, you actually ended up with two for one? No, not accomplished two tasks at once or made two of the same thing with one action. That in the process of the doing, of the action, you learned or remembered a little about yourself. How capable you are, how you find you can complete a particular task with ease, how you react when something isn’t going to plan, how frazzled, excited or optimistic you feel. Isn’t it glorious exposure when a fragment of our being is revealed to our consciousness? A nakedness to be viewed appreciated and maybe even examined for a moment or more. We spend so much of our days layered in the clothes of all that we do without thinking about all that we are and all that we see in ourselves. How often do we think about those little fragments that make us just that – us? Recognising that we feel good about our efforts or achievements, seeing that indirectly our choice to do something helped someone else, feeling proud for having a go, acknowledging that we felt uncomfortable or challenged all reveal a little bit of our being. Some of what we notice will be uplifting whilst some may make us cringe. Either way, in the process, we learned and what’s better to learn about, than ourselves. No matter what your discovery, rejoice in it, for now you have a choice to keep, discard or replace these little bits of you to be who you want to be. What will we find today……in the process?


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