A shift

Sometimes without being fully aware a change occurs within. A transition takes place so subtly that it is barely noticeable to us yet others see it immediately. Then you will be in a situation where you do or say something and it’s like a bright light bulb has been turned on. You recognise that you have in fact had a shift in your thinking, beliefs or actions.

With this recognition you feel a confidence as you have had personal growth and now feel stronger for it. Your beliefs and thinking align with who you are in this moment. You can embrace the change that has taken place with the knowledge that more will occur as you continue your journey in this life. Some of this change may be subtle and some more radical. Nonetheless, the shift has occurred and it is unlikely you will be the same person as you were beforehand.

Often this transformation is empowering and uplifting. You feel more grounded in who you truly are as a person and how you project yourself to the world around you. When I think of shifts and changes I see images of sand dunes in my mind; forever shifting and changing and never the same, much like people. We are always questioning, learning, changing our thoughts (and that’s not referring to the old cliché of a woman changing her mind) and discovering and establishing new beliefs. How magnificent is that!

Yesterday I spoke of challenges and whilst I am still dealing with some residual matters relating to that, I am also reminded of strength that comes through hardship and a will to not only survive but also thrive. We have the ability to look backwards to reflect on past events and difficulties that we have overcome. We may compare then to now. Then we centre ourselves back to the here and now so we can prepare for the next step, looking forward.

Our minds and emotions have amazing abilities to help or hinder. Harnessing the helpful keeps us going. The elation at surmounting any issue is contagious. It permeates our environment and those around us. It encourages and supports us to keep moving forward and face whatever life has in store for us next.

In the last week, on a couple of occasions, I questioned the value of writing these pieces for my blog and Facebook page. What am I doing even crossed my mind and why. At one point I voiced my questioning to be bluntly but kindly told that it is helpful and enjoyable; don’t stop. It took me back to the excitement and enthusiasm I felt when I first began. I recalled that I knew I would be happy if in some small way, what I have to say helps even just one person. I also recalled the words “I am proud of you” and this helped the shift occur in my thinking as to ‘what and why am I doing this’ to ‘this is of value to more than one’.

I do hope that you enjoy the shifts you experience in your thinking, actions and beliefs on your life journey; may they be good ones that serve you well x

Photo credit: hbieser@pixabay

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