Today marks the birthday of a friend of mine from my childhood. We were best friends and almost inseparable. I still have letters she sent to me after I moved from my hometown. I always remember her birthday and think of her on this day. I wish she knew that she is in my thoughts and that I wish her all the best, always. Sadly, we lost contact some years ago and to this point I have searched a little for her but am yet to do it in earnest.

Yesterday, in contrast, was the anniversary of my baby brother’s passing. It too is a date I always remember and I think of him especially on this day and his birthday. I can still picture his little monkey looking face and crop of black hair. He was so little still when he died even though he was six months old. The memories haven’t faded over the forty-one years and I hope I can still picture his little face right up until I take my last breath.

Fortunately, 2017 provided for reconnection with some of my beautiful relatives and family friends. People I had not seen or been in touch with for years I was able to spend precious and cherished time with, sometimes in person and sometimes only over the phone. This brought me immense joy and filled my heart to the brim. I unfortunately didn’t get photos with each of them however I can see and hear them in my mind which brings a smile to my dial.

As I was thinking about all of this earlier, the title of a song popped into my head – Reunited. I remember a line from it and it keeps playing over and over like a stuck record – ‘reunited and it feels so good’. It most definitely felt amazingly good to be reunited with these lovely souls who were a part of my life growing up and into my adult years. I am ensuring now that I make an effort to keep in contact with them on a semi-regular basis.

I am very interested in my family history and have bursts of time doing avid research and then do not get to touch it for months. Once I begin on it, I can become obsessed with trying to track down a relative or information. It consumes my time however I love every minute of it. I have a deep yearning to know about these people who are my ancestors and record it so my family knows our heritage and how we came to be the family we are.

Thoughts of wonder cross my mind; I wonder what discoveries and connections or reconnections will occur in the coming months. I wonder who from my past I will get to see or be in touch with again. I have had some contact with old friends from high school too recently and it is just such a wonderful feeling. I so look forward to more of that.

When I think about it, I ponder when I will fit this in to my schedule yet I know within that I will as it is important to me. There are many a thing that is of paramount importance to me yet interaction with loved ones and people who have been a part of my journey over my fifty years it atop the list. To me, you can’t get better x

Image: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke

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