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Going along merrily in my own little world, doing the tasks I have chosen for the day and a situation has my heart racing and a deep concern bubbles away within. Something strange happened around two of the most gorgeous souls I have been fortunate to meet and get to know a little. Immediately hope surfaces that they are both alright.

I am wondering and thoughts are racing. I choose to message to ask if everything is okay. A few minutes later I am debating whether to phone or not and decide on the former. This is not for curiosity or to be a sticky beak. This is out of genuine and pure concern for these lovely folk. With relief, I learn that they are both alright.

In my thoughts following a deep breath to calm my system, highlighted are the people I care most deeply about and who matter to me more than anything I could possibly be given in this world. It is always scary when there are concerns for a loved one’s well-being and great relief when all is well again.

I am empathetic by nature. It is me. It is how I am. I can relate to the feelings of others and situations that occur along their journey. I truly wish only good things happen to everyone however I know and acknowledge that it is during the periods of concern, heartache and challenging times that we are afforded the opportunity for personal growth. No-one has a smooth ride through life; there are bumps along the way – a few for some and a gazillion for others.

When you have a fright for your own well-being or circumstances you get an opportunity to evaluate your life journey and consider some future choices you may make. When the fright is around the well-being of the special people in your world, it really emphasizes what truly matters to you most.

And what is it that matters? For me, it is that the most beautiful people that are in my life are well, happy and have as few difficulties as possible and take the opportunities to become the best versions of themselves imaginable. It is also that these lovely gorgeous souls will be around for as long as I live to share, dream, laugh, make memories with and love.

To you, who are reading this, please take care of yourself as best you can. There are people wanting to see you and speak with you and share with you and love you. You hold a special place in their world and the void you would leave if you were not around is beyond comprehension. Be safe always x

Image: Michael Siebert

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