Old Memories

Last night as I turned in, I was laying in my bed and had the window open and the blinds up. I saw a brightness and as I lay there, I saw the moon rising. It was so very bright. I enjoyed catching some moonbeams. It reminded me of a memory from my childhood.

When I was in my primary school years, I would stay from time to time overnight with my Auntie Dulcie and Uncle Percy, who were in fact my great aunt and uncle. I remember my excitement and love of sleeping in the front bedroom of their home in the little town of Dunedoo in New South Wales.

The bed was so big to me and I was pleased as punch to get to sleep in it. I often would lay looking out the window directly in front of me that looked across their street, the railway tracks and into the main street, which is also a part of the Golden Highway.

The twinkling lights were intriguing. Occasionally I would see a car go along the main street and wonder who it was. It was a view of the world that I enjoyed at that young age. The memories are sweet.

I never felt scared or alone there in that bedroom all on my own. It was the front bedroom right off the front verandah and close to their front gate. Not ever was there any concern. Their bedroom was right behind the one I slept in and I was in awe of the great big brass bed they had. It was dreamy to me as a little girl and where my love of them began.

They had the most amazing vegetable garden with concrete paths surrounding each plot. In the cooler weather I would go with Uncle Percy and help him cover the tomato seedlings with little folded pieces of tin that were like their hats to protect them from the frost. They had chooks and birds, a lovely big rainwater tank and a wonderful mandarin tree just in from the front gate with the mandarins begging to be picked and eaten. Their mailbox was often occupied by a decent sized green tree frog.

I loved helping gather the wood for the fire and pick up the little wood chips that helped start it. Auntie Dulcie cooked the most delicious roasts and cakes in that oven. Their kitchen was full of warmth and love. No matter when you visited, a cup of tea and something to eat was served up with the minimum of fuss.

Auntie Dulcie would be adorned in a full apron over her dress and Uncle Percy would have braces attached to his trousers and over his collared button up shirt. The first I ever knew of Cod Liver Oil was from their kitchen cupboard.

My heart is warmed by the memories I have of them and my time spent with them at their home. I also recall trips from Dunedoo to Mudgee so they could do banking and shopping. Uncle Percy was known as a bit of a scrooge with his money however I always felt their kindness and money was of little value to me then as it is now. The value lay in the relationship with them and the memories they created with me.

I am grateful for all they instilled in me and that my memory is not failing me, so I get to relive the moments and feel the joy all over again.

I hope you also have fond memories of special moments and loved ones that you are grateful for and I too hope that they fill your heart with warmth and joy x

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