Odd yet good

I am a weird place where I long to write yet my ideas I forget if I don’t note them down straight away or they are just not coming to me at all. Perhaps this is my body’s way of protecting my brain – yep, I do have one folks – I have the scan to prove it!

Many thoughts and ideas are occupying the grey matter at present. Projects and possible ventures are just taking up a lot of my processing power and leaving me with less than an ideal amount to function with.

Lack of quality sleep for over a week decided to drain a bit more power just to mix things up a bit more and make it interesting. I am not sure if was the full moon that was responsible for the many short night slumbers or whether it was the fact I saw the new year in and didn’t catch enough zzz’s before I was up and going full throttle at my task list.

The restlessness I spoke of in a previous blog post is still nagging me. I am comfortable with it in so much as I know that I am in the midst of another change in my world and trust the process that all will be visible before too long. In saying that; I almost feel like a train leaving the station gradually gaining momentum until there is the joyous chugging sound as it reaches its optimum speed.

I have a deep yearning to learn all I can about my interests at the moment too and there doesn’t seem enough hours to soak it all in. I am always left with more I seek to devour as soon as possible. My knowledge I hope will continue to grow forever and my interest in the world and all things important to me stay with me until my oldest age.

This most certainly has been an odd first week of any year I can remember for a good while. It hasn’t been difficult or unpleasant or bad, just different. On that note, I just remembered it is time to write my first weekly note for the “My Good Things in 2018” and pop it in my jar. I so look forward to reading back over them at the end of this year.

So on that thankful note; I hope wherever you are and however you have been spending the first week of 2018, that it has been kind to you.

Take care x

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