Stay Safe!

In some ways it is hard to believe it is a week since I have been able to write anything for my blog. I reflect on that day I last wrote as a very happily productive one that involved creativity and tasks ticked off my to-do list.

Then life happened and I had more than my usual demands upon my time. I have not had the opportunity or the energy to be able to write. I have been mentally drained and physically so very tired.

I miss terribly my writing here and also my presence on my Facebook page for Mumma Sue’s View. I have a wellness group and a closed family group on my family’s history that I am admin to also. These are my loves and what brings me great joy.

There has been a tragedy that has occurred today not far from my hometown. It is a horrific incident and my soul aches for each and every emergency service personnel member who has been required to attend the scene and everyone involved with clearing the highway. The families that are going to be affected also when they are advised their loved ones are not coming home or are seriously injured makes my heart ache for them.

As I age, this seems to hit home to me a lot more. Having immediate family members who travel on these roads often as a part of their job causes a knot to form in my belly when I hear of incidents until I know they are safe.  Also knowing personnel who attend such incidents, my thoughts are with them so much.

It is a stark and tragic reminder to be so very careful when driving on our roads. These people had places to be and people to see and their lives have been turned upside down or extinguished. I cannot fathom how the survivors and the families of the deceased will cope with their pain.

It also brings perspective to my world. I am tired, I am mentally drained yet I am safe. I am well. I am able to see my loved ones and look forward to doing the things I love again soon. I am so very incredibly fortunate.

So please, all of you who travel on our roads, be extra vigilant with having regular rest breaks, ensure your car is road safe, be mindful of other driver’s actions and avoid distractions.

Take care and keep safe one and all x

Image: pasja1000@pixabay

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