A new day

As the light of the new day emerges, silhouetting the trees against the sky, the birds start their morning song. Life springs into action. A Kookaburra laughs and it rings across the air. Another bird begins its solo performance with a different trill to the rest who continue their chorusing like backup singers.

Voices can be heard as people make their way on their morning walks. The barks of many different dogs echo through the crisp clean air. A cockatoo squawks as it flies overhead. It is time to rise and embrace the morning.

A new day offers a new beginning, new chances and new opportunities. New thoughts will fill our minds. New ideas will emerge within the crevices of our grey matter. New plans will be formulated, no matter how seemingly small.

This is our opportunity to strive to be the best of ourselves and use our energies wisely. There will be possibilities for kindness to others and self. Time for dreams to be created is available to us. We can embrace all that is ahead in our day as it unfolds.

Some of us will have a splendid day and others of us will face challenges that are difficult to bear. We all will have a chance to spread a smile though, no matter how amazing or not our day is and that one smile can make a significant difference to both the receiver and the giver. No act of kindness is ever a one way street; there is always benefit to the one casting the thoughtfulness.

A chance encounter with a couple the other day had a profound impact on me. As they exited their vehicle, the gentleman looked at me and offered a warm smile as he said two simple words; ‘Good afternoon.’ My day to that point had been tough and I was feeling the weight of it upon me yet still surging forward to complete the necessary tasks on my list. I replied, acknowledging his kindness and he and his wife gave me a few minutes of their time in an exchange of brief conversation. I remember that with great fondness now and I truly hope they realise the joy they brought to my day in that moment when a smile broke the silence between complete strangers.

No matter who you encounter in any moment of your day, a smile can make a difference as can a kind word, a compliment or a simple gesture. Every single person has their own challenges and difficulties no matter how incredible their lives appear to the rest of us. We all have our own unique stories that accompany who we are and within these, there are tales of trials and tribulations.

Today I ask you to consider raising your head as you busily walk from one place to another and give a smile to a stranger. Look the person serving you in the eye and wish them a nice day. Hold a door open for someone or let someone go ahead of you. Offer up some kindness and watch it spread to others. We all need a dose of it in our days and if we donate a little to one person and they then share some with another and so on, just imagine how many people can benefit from your one act of thoughtfulness. And doesn’t that bring a smile to your face and give you a nice feeling.

Have a wonderful and kind day everyone x

Image: Andreas Lischka

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