Sadness In Their Eyes

Of late I have been fortunate to have contact again with some really lovely people in my hometown. I always find it wonderful to have a conversation with folks, be it a brief exchange or a much longer and more in depth interaction.

What has struck me is the sadness I have seen in their eyes. Each person’s story is different in nature however similar in content; they are experiencing challenging times. People who are usually bright, bubbly and hold a sparkle in their eyes instead have a sullen expression with diminished exuberance.

I feel their sense of despair, heartache or helplessness as they release some of their anguish through the words that they speak. I listen patiently and often deep within, want to just give them a hug and let them know that they are being heard and in time, they will be feeling a lot better about the current events causing them so much grief. This is not always an appropriate approach yet when it is, I will do just that.

It brings me to ponder if this is coincidental or not. Has my own recent challenging experiences provided me with even more empathy than I possessed before? Is it that I am prepared to listen and they sense or know this, so they begin to discharge the many thoughts that have been consuming their mental space as they realise they are in a safe place with me.

Whatever the reason this has been occurring, I am so very grateful for the beautiful trust that is evident between each of these souls and myself. I am grateful for their presence in my world. I am grateful for the contact, interaction and conversation. I am grateful for the empathy I have to be able to understand and relate to their troubling times.

I, of course, deeply hope that they will find their required resilience to endure these moments that test their strengths. I hope they have fewer troubles as each day passes. I hope the pain they feel lessens. I hope they feel loved and supported through this process. Above all, I hope the sadness in their eyes is replaced by a glow that brightens more and more.

Image: Wokandapix@pixabay

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