Presence Rather Than Presents

Every now and then I see or hear something that quite gets on my goat and this has been happening over the last couple of weeks with the inundation of advertising material around the topic of Mother’s Day. Copious flyers, catalogues, online and television advertisements are flooding the media world.

What a massively commercial event it now is. The true essence of appreciation seems to have been lost to retail greed with even the most obtuse of services trying to swindle a spin on their products as an option for a gift.

I saw a television commercial even running with the angle of the only way to truly show you love your mum is to purchase her a $500 item. Ludicrous! That is so absolutely absurd! Showing love and appreciation doesn’t come in the form of expensive items that are way out of budget for many. There are so many ways to express love, appreciation and gratitude for the woman you call mum or is your mother figure in your life that don’t come with such a high price tag or even any at all.

Handmade gifts and cards are ones I treasure as the maker has used their time creating something special and unique just for me. They cannot ever recover that time and they chose to spend it on me. What a gift that is! A lovely hug and sincere wishes are the most priceless of gifts also to be cherished.

After all, it is not about who can go to which store and buy what item. It is about giving something to that special maternal woman in your world. Imagine how wonderful it would be to choose one of her daily chores and do it for her for a month or treat her to a night off cooking once a week or giving her a hand or foot massage and so the list goes on.

The ways of showing her how much she is valued, cared for, cherished, treasured and appreciated is countless. So take a minute and consider what you will do to help mum celebrate surviving all the years of the incredibly important role she has been doing. Consider how you can be a presence in all her days not only on Mother’s Day rather than giving her commercially purchased presents.

And Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are mums, grandmothers, adopted or second mums or a maternal figure. May you have a day rich in love and blessings x

And for those who, for whichever reason, no longer have their mum/mum figure in their lives, my thoughts are with you. The bombardment is difficult to take when you know within the core of your being, having the person healthy and available is of so much more value than being able to purchase an expensive item to give to them. Take care and I hope the best of memories are soothing x


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