The Shadowy Beast


The shadowy stealth figure

Saunders about in wait

Ready to seize any moment of doubt

Preying indiscriminately, even on a mate


It has no boundaries containing it

So free it roams, a-stalking

Considering who its next victim will be

Seeking those who hold it in, not talking


Gender, race, religion or any other trait

Young, old and those in between

Are all fair game to this beast

Set in its sights; a target seen


Its attack can be that of a surprise

One not even imagined for this life

Sometimes it sneaks upon without a hint

Capturing sisters, brothers, husbands and wife


Cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and foe

It will take any opportunity it can

To engulf you with its dark shadow

Does not matter how wealthy the man


No-one is invincible against this beast

We need to be aware to stay strong

Talk, reach out, say ‘I need help’ will serve us best

So we can stay on the brighter side, lifelong



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