Sweet Little One


So very small and tiny

Such a precise little one

A lifetime ahead of you

If only it had begun


You did your absolute best

To become a special little one

Fate had a different plan

You wouldn’t get to meet your mum


The pangs of anguish endured

Rippled through her very being

And right through your tiny body

That not a living soul would be seeing


Spared the excruciating heartache

Your mumma and daddy felt

Your precious little heart stopped

Before they could hold you and simply melt


Do not for a single second

Think that you have been forgot

You are carried always in their hearts

Memories of you will be lost not


They will always wonder

About their little one

What you would have looked like

And all the things you would have done


Even though you did not grace this world

Your precious life over before it begun

To the two who created you

You will always and forever remain, their sweet little one



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