The more you learn, the more there is to learn


Learn, learn, learn

We are learners by default; it will happen without our conscious awareness. We learn through experiences and through formal education. We also go on journeys of discovery in relation to what peaks our interests and excites our desire to become more knowledgeable on a particular subject.

Right from birth we learn, firstly how to communicate our needs. As the weeks progress, so does a very steep curve of learning. Our initial focus is on learning how to survive then it is about exploring our surroundings. Little ones soon absorb all the information at the ready; words and instructions.

Play with peers and social interaction then brings with it a whole other gamut on the learning slope; what is acceptable behaviour and interactions and what is not. How to climb, jump, run fast, skip and all other manners of physical activity culminate in their own snippets of education coming together. Even in this, there is a discovery of what is enjoyable to the individual. The learning grows with the child.

Formalised education offers up factual information and a building of a knowledge base. It also provides some challenges to how one will learn; visual and audible acquisition or written material soaked up. We learn to follow directions, obey authority, go with the masses yet if we are fortunate; we also learn to have a voice and our very own opinions.

Enter the teenage years. What a vast array of possibilities lie ahead for gaining more knowledge about ourselves and the world around us. We find we want freedom yet we need our parents. Our interests move beyond those in our immediate inner circle. Other interests and abilities we have become obvious. We learn how to juggle this with required academia.

On the back of this, some will continue with a formalised style of education for a period of time whereas others seek to acquire greater knowledge through a hands-on approach with practical application. Neither one nor the other is the better way for the entire population. The most appropriate and best way of learning comes down to the individual; what format suits them.

Our lives carry on and sooner or later we realise the adage of ‘you learn something every day’ is quite accurate. We learn a new word, or that an opinion of a valued friend differs to our own, how to fix something, a new recipe, words to a song, how to complete a task, what scores you brownie points with an employer, how to play a musical instrument or play a particular sport, how to manage finances and so on. We also discover that some things don’t last; that job we desperately wanted, a marriage, a loved one’s life. Learning how to cope with these losses can be one of the most difficult stages during our gathering of wisdom.

The learning goes on and on throughout our years. Gaining much deeper knowledge on a hobby or interest will appeal to some. We begin and may subconsciously think that undertaking a course will give us all the information we need to know; recognition this is not the case often follows. We will never be able to acquire an absolute of knowledge; there will forever more be something else to learn, discover and find out about.

We are inquisitive by nature, thankfully. This enables us to seek out an understanding of both the factual and non-factual that is around us. We have an opportunity within us to absorb the information coming at us from all manners of conveyancing. Even when we gain a new skill, we have the ability to learn how to hone it.

In our relationships with friends, family, partners, colleagues, acquaintances we learn how to relate to each one of them and what matters to both ourselves and them, who they are deep within, what we value of our connection to them. We learn how to resolve differences, how to be humble, when to be there for them and when to give them the space they need, how to truly appreciate and sometimes we have to learn how to live without them.

Learning never ends. Discovery is always possible. Finding new information has limitless opportunities. Are you aware of the knowledge you are acquiring? Do you realise when you have learned something new? Do you give thought to what you want to find out about?

No matter where you are on your learning path, may you enjoy your travels.

Happy learning folks!


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