Not work at all when it is your passion

As much as most have heard the cliché that when you are undertaking what you have a passion about, it is not work, I have to reiterate it right here, that it is so very true. When you are immensely enjoying what you are doing, time flies by in the blink of an eye. I have been so happily involved in my undertakings that I was not referring to it as work as I do not consider it in the context of being a hard slog however I have since changed my speak to say ‘yes, I am working’, just that following my passion does not feel like work.

I have been putting in a lot of hours of late expanding my knowledge, researching, discovering and putting into place what I have learned. At times it presented some challenges; some simply resolved and others a tad more complex. Through it all, I did not become frazzled (for a change) nor did I want to put it in the ‘too hard basket’. I excitedly delved into it, going even deeper into the unknown at times.

On reflection of my life so far I can see various times I was merely content or mildly disinterested in what job I was doing, yet I kept at it. My interests have changed over the chapters and in my latest one, I finally discovered how it felt to be truly passionate about an interest; so much so that I considered pursuing it as a career. Circumstances intervened; it wasn’t to be, so now it still sits with me as a favoured interest. Life set me off on a different path to where my true passion lies and I am fortunate to have been able to commence what I envision to be lifelong work.

A ‘late blossomer’ I feel is an apt description of myself at this point. Once upon a time I was hard on myself for not ‘having it all together’ like so many others seemed to have it yet I came to realise that events in our lives happen for a reason. When life believes we are ready, it sets us on the path it has been conditioning us for. I wouldn’t say that I have it ‘all’ together now; I have what I need right at this moment and I’m trusting that life will provide me with more when the time is appropriate.

Whereas in the past I may have reluctantly strolled, I am now feeling as though I am elatedly skipping along this interesting track like a young girl with the world ready to open up in front of her. Youth may not be on my side yet life experience is and from that, I have gained some wisdom with more to acquire in the coming years. Through the process of the last eight months, I have learned, grown, gained confidence, briefly doubted and grabbed hold with both hands on what is growing into a hunger and thirst I need to quench every day.

Loving life and my journey at the moment!


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