Stand Up For What Is Right, Even If You Stand Alone

Whilst scrolling through some inspirational quotes recently, I came across this one which immediately resonated with me. It says: “Stand up for what is right, even if that means you stand alone”.  The author and origin of this quote is unknown to me.

Why did it resonate so much with me? Well, some quarter of a century ago or thereabouts, I supported a young woman. She had experienced things no person should; unfathomable things by people of trust. I will not divulge the horrid minutiae as it is almost beyond comprehension. My support of this young woman was not without consequences for myself. I became ostracized by the majority; an outcast along with this young person.

An earnest attempt from the masses ensued. Their agenda was to convince me I was wrong. They believed the perpetrator and accomplice were innocent. All the evidence was there yet a mass of people willing to find ways to refute it. There was insurmountable support for the offender in the form of a myriad of excuses relating to health and age.  In no way was that going to fly with me!

‘Boo-damn-hoo’ raced through my mind! If the wrongdoer passed away in the near future, there was no guilty conscience to have to live with. Freedom came easily. No such fortune for the young woman. Facing her was a lifetime of pain on all levels. She would experience year upon year of nightmares and flashbacks. In order for it to no longer dominate her world, she would need to undergo extensive counselling over a very long period.

She had few people she trusted to disclose the details to. This meant she had little few in her corner. A handful of others accompanied me in supporting her through one of the most difficult of times she would face; coming under scrutiny by everyone.

I had long held the belief and conviction that should anyone disclose to me what this young woman had (or of that nature) that I would support them whilst assisting them navigate through the processes to come. This was exactly what I prepared to do when she confided in me.

It was time to stand up for what was right; to stand up for and beside this young woman, providing her support, guidance and reassurance. I needed to keep my feelings of mortification to myself.

And stand alone I did. Would I do it again? Absolutely! I will stand up for what is right, even if I stand alone.


stand alone if you need to

Image credit: Colin Behrens@pixabay



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