Creative plan intercepted by ‘one of those days’

Time and energy have not been in sync lately. There is a longing to write, to be creative, to do what I love. Many times I so wanted to be tapping away at the keyboard or my pen curling across the page. A change in routine is challenging me. Tiredness is common. Uninterrupted time is rare. Flow is absent. Today, just when I thought the planets may align, along comes a curve ball. Fatigue. A very real sense of unwellness. Various symptoms emerge. My inner voice is screaming ‘All I want to do is write!’. I know only too well it is not beneficial to fight this any more than is absolutely necessary; I will only be worse off if I do.

A reminder of resilience appears. At this very moment, today is merely ‘one of those days’. In a few hours time or even as far as tomorrow, all will be different. Nothing ever stays the same for too long a period. The time will be prioritised, the energy will return and the symptoms will dissipate. Creativity will have its place again. It may not be in the form I would prefer or hope for. Nevertheless, if I can work at it, short bursts here and there, it will evolve.

The current swirlings within my body are at the forefront, reminding me how imperative it is to listen to what it is telling me.  I need to rest and restore. Recovery and rejuvenation are essential. Be well again. This is temporary.

So often I opt out of writing what I am truly feeling within. The heavy weight of fatigue that holds my body at ransom. The pain that courses throughout the soft tissues of my being and how it often changes in intensity and location. How the weather, such as we are experiencing today, has a profound impact on my functioning. The energy levels that wax and wane with no set explanation. The intolerance of certain morsels that traverse my digestive system. How eating a single product can produce an infection that my body fights to eradicate.

So today, yes, is just ‘one of those days’. However, tomorrow brings with it an opportunity to be so much kinder to my entire being that is me. With that, the choices and options are limitless. More fulfilling and satisfying moments to be had. I will then be back with more to say and share.

For today though, kindness to myself is paramount. Take care folks x


creative plan intercepted by one of those days

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