Words, sometimes do not come easily

Writer’s block – no words forthcoming

When it came to write this week’s blog, I was at a loss. I had no topic or idea at all that even remotely struck a chord. I had writer’s block. There was a blank page staring at me without a single letter breaking the vastness of the white space. No words were forthcoming. 

A few quotes came to mind. The first one was this…

mind must be ready to work
Quote by Pearl S. Buck 

I wrote about blank pages also in Hitting a blank’

When busy is the norm but words are the passion

My mood has been one of a strong desire to be writing wrapped in a patterned paper of mental and physical tiredness. To say that my days have been full is not a lie. Busy; yes that too at times. I am sure there is always a way they could be even busier. Long is more descriptive for each and every day over recent weeks.

The next quote that popped up in my recollection capsule was this one…

don't wait for ideal conditions
Quote by E.B. White 
The need for flexibility when writing words is all I want to do

Ironically, as I am writing this, I turn around and request two little humans to please quieten down. I am squeezing in words in between caring for my two youngest grandchildren. They are happily playing an imaginary game which I find delightful. Yet within I am yearning for fifteen minutes of less volume so I can concentrate on reducing even more the white space that I started with.

Scheduling time to write has been one of my biggest challenges in the last month or two. I have planned chosen times for each day, over the course of the month however that was not the trial. Flexibility has needed to flex its muscles. Varying and irregular times for minding the grandchildren has meant that it has been necessary for elasticity when it comes to fitting in my responsibilities and writing.

Then this quote stomped its way forward…

one word after another
Quote by Neli Gaiman
Every word counts

How very apt. I have discovered that there are some days that the only way I am going to get anything written is through jotting down a few words at a time. Hopefully a couple of sentences get done each time I venture to my desk. When opportunity presents, back to the keyboard I go to tap those keys into another thirty to forty words. Every little bit accumulates. That is the beauty of words. You can keep adding them to unfold your story. Of course there are days that feel just far too challenging however this is when I remember this quote…

quitting is not my option
Quote by Walt Disney
Quitting is not my option; I shall write words for as long as possible

Quitting is not an option for me in my book of life. I definitely have been provided ample circumstances over the years where this could have been an alternative.It never was chosen. At this part of my journey where my passion for writing is far greater than I could have ever imagined, quitting is the furthest possibility in my mind.  I am then reminded of the fact that no matter what, words down on a page are better than a blank canvas staring me in the face.

you can always edit a bad page
Quote by Jodi Picoult 
Little by little, word after word

No matter whether it is writing or any other interest, passion or dream that you pursue, little by little, you create. You also learn that tiny bit more each time you venture into that part of your world. Sometimes it is about your craft and other times it will be about yourself. Consider if you contemplated not dedicating time to that which nourishes your soul. What did you choose to do?When you made the choice to grab your true grit and get on with it, there was something to learn about you as a person.

When the situation gets challenging folks, get determined. You will achieve.

inspiration comes from doing something
Quote by Pablo Picasso

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