The Butterfly Within

Soft, delicate, gentle
Colourful, light, beautiful
Not always this way
"Tis forever now

Darkness, hidden, cocooned
Swathed in restriction
What was, will be no more
Transformation at play

Changes are abounding
Through its entire being
The old to be discarded
As the new is forming

Black is the darkness
Consuming its very soul
Time is passing
Gone will be the old

A flex is felt
The shift has begun
A crack is appearing
Darkness begins to fade

Light creeps in
Joyous is the space
Warmth is felt
On every pore in its face

Wings yearn to stretch
Spreading out wide
Flutter and flex
No longer time to hide

Colourful and bright
New shades to wear
No longer out of sight
Have faith and be fair

Carried by the breeze
Awakening to the new
Flying with ease
Emerged brand new you

transformation to butterfly

Image credit: Gordon Johnson @ Pixabay

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